Friday, June 1, 2012

Wait. This is actually happening?

Basically, I will be leaving my homeland (America) in less than 3 months. To go to BELGIUM. Where I know NO ONE and they speak french, another thing I don't know (I've taking it for 2 years in school, but I'm no where near fluent). I'm still crazy excited. Its like all I can think about, and I've already got 3 drafts of potential packing lists. That reminds me, where can you find a winter coat in the middle of summer in Los Angeles???????
I'm going to be missing my Junior year of high school, which is bittersweet, because I really do love my school. But I mean, when you get offered Belgium, it's not like you say no! Any who, I'll be back my senior year, which is going to be really strange after spending the year abroad. But whatever, I can worry about that later.
back to BELGIUUMM! I got my itinerary this morning, and I'm leaving from New York. Which is a little bit too bad, because I am spending all of July in New York interning, then I come back to LA for about a week, and I guess am going back to New York. Mehh so much airfair. Oh well, what can you do?
Back to me being excited. Did I mention I'm excited? Europe here I come. Get Ready!