Monday, November 26, 2012

Dream City

Lots of Things Happen!

First, I had my birthday. I am now 17! It was weird, turning 17 in a country without all my old friends and family, but loads of fun too. So now I am old. But I celebrated with friends and had lots of fun.

Then thanksgiving came and went, and it was strange, because there is completely no celebration here. I would have tried to do a little dinner, but my whole family is always busy thursday nights, so it just passed by like any other day....

Then it was the weekend, which was bittersweet. One of my pretty good friends is only in Belgium for 3 months, so she had her goodbye party friday night. It was fun, but sad at the same time. Sometimes it seems like life is just endless saying goodbyes.

Then Saturday I slept until literally 12:30, it was fantastic, potentially the most fun I've had since getting here....

Thennnnnn Saturday night I went to a little party with my host siblings and alllllll of their cousins (there is a lot) and it was very very fun, my entire ENTIRE host family is just so cool and like very nice.

THEN I went to PARIS
my host family took me for my birthday, and it is dream city man. It was sooo beautiful, I literally cried on the top of the eiffel tower I was just so happy and the world was just so beautiful. I am having such a good time here....I never want to leave!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

MISSING: Normal Person Problems!

Its been a while, oh blog of mine.
Basically, real life has officially begun, when someone stole my cell phone. and my REALLY COOL leopard print coat. Damn thieves, and their taking of stuff.
But last weekend I went with my host sisters on a scout weekend. Its like girl scouts except its doesn't suck and theres no cookies. Also, the counselours are kids, like 18 19, and theres no other adulty type person. IE its pretty fun
Then I had school this week, which is school. Nuff said.
There was some silly stupid drama yesterday/all weekish with some girl, and last night at the hieght of it all I was all emotional, even though I knew I shouldn't be, and in a fit of emotion accidentally ran into my bedroom door. True story. My head bled. It now hurts to blink.....why can't I have normal person problems?