Thursday, March 21, 2013


So this evening I made, for the first time, food for my belgian family! Cheese quesadillas, salsa, and guacamole. Not american, but made my the loving hands of an american, so it counts. Not to mention, I have eaten more mexican food in my life than hamburgers. And it is Southern Californian. It counts! They really liked it though (surprisingly) in peticular the guacamole. Man, I am so confused. I literally just winged it. Like, made it up as I went. And I know its extremely simple food to make, but man, I can't make food! I burn food! Sometimes I make food explode! This is a monumental day.

Also, other cool stuff. I am really digging my school! I am going to hardcore miss my friends when I leave. I feel like such a part of the class finally. We are doing a pirate show, and I got assigned the role of the sole asian pirate. I don't know what it is with these francophones, but they keep thinking I am asian or half, I so don't see it. I will just forever be racially/ethnically confused. Anyway, I am the most celebrated asian pirate, and have decied that it because I am also half ninja. So I have big plans to have a matchete as a part of my costume.

Also, for the pirate show, me and my friend made a super crazy awesome cracan (kracan? krakan?). Fake blood and all. Potentially the greatest thing I've done all year. Although, a few weeks ago I did make a tree...

This weekend my older (19) sister invited me to go on a scouts weekend with her, which was nice. So I am leaving saturday morning to go into scouts land. I am happy though, like yaay they like me! I don't know why, but they like me!

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