Saturday, February 16, 2013

I aint dead

So stuff has been happening, but I have been to lazy to write about it.

Last week was the vacation for carnival. My host parents were in Switzerland chillin in the snow in the mountains, and my host siblings were doing a scouts thing, so I went into the north of Belgium to do a stage.
Beforeeeee that though I went to see Leuvan with AFS, a university town in Flandre. It was super super pretty! Then I went to the Stella Artois brewery for a tour, which was a tad boring. But whatever, beer is an important part of the Belgium culture, so it was interesting in that regard.

Then Sunday night I went to my stage. It is basically like a camp thing with the gyms in Belgium. So i spent a few hours a day in dance class. But, like, it wasnt really dancey, because most people had never danced before. So it was totally not technique based or anything. So it was a little boring for me, just because I have spent years doing this kind of thing and the other kids hadn't. The teacher was super nice though.

I stayed in this concrete room with 2 other girls. And first when I arrived I thought it was going to be horrible, I was the oldest there, my roomates were listenning to rihanna, etc. But it turned out quite nice actually. I made some pretty good friends, who I will definetly be seeing again before I leave! Also, I spoke a lot of french, its really really cool because french is becoming so much easier, and more natural. Like I feel I can actually express my personality when I am speaking now. I still have awful grammar, but whatever. Its getting there.

Then tonight me and some other friends (belgian) are going to a friends house in Brussels to celebrate the last night of vacation before school starts again. Which should be fun. AND THEN next sunday I am leaving on my voyage du rhéto!!! (class trip) to Vienna and Budapest! I am soooo excited, I finally bought a camera and everything. Man, I really like my class here. And just everything really. AND TEHNNN in April I am going to Africa!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy man! Sunshine! Tan! AFRICA!

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