Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have been sick, like a really weird sick.
Like no fever or vomiting or anything, just massive head ache and exhaustion and nausea. For like 3 days now (IE it's not a just hangover people but a legit illness). Its horrible I stayed home from school monday and tuesday.
But I have come to the conclusion, that since this is the weirdest illness, that it's not an illness at all but a weird belgian parasite and now I am going to die.
Sometimes people tell me I watch too much TV...

Brings me to my next point, in my weakened state I have been able to do little more than lay in front of the TV, so I figured I might as well enjoy my lovely lovely host family movie collection. Therefore, I finally watched Titanic. And I would just like to say, there is a REASON I limit myself to zombie movies! I cannot handle romance!! I cried for an hour and a half, straight. And not sweet one tear rolling down the face crying, hysterical lonely teenage girl crying. Not pretty man. Luckily I was alone in the house or my family might have called the psych ward.
Seriously, I am sticking to Evil Dead 2

Even funner, today I had dance. But my cool poor-person friendly free belgian Wednesday class thats held in an empty school. Did I mention its free? And I take it with some friends from school, which is always cool, because I get to pretend to speak french yay. And the teacher is so sweet. But the class is a little easy for me, which is a shame you know? So I started taking it on pointe shoes as opposed to the little slippers the rest of the students use, to liven things up. And, as I am sure anyone who has ever met me has noticed, I am a sad lazy person. Soooo when I sewed the ribbons to my point shoes I may or may not have done it very very badly.
ANYWAY I was dancing in like the front and center of the room, to demonstrate something, and what happens? The ribbon snaps and I fall on my face
Literally can't enter a social situation and not embarrass myself.
I've said this before, and I'll say it again,
Its not easy being Sid
But someones got to do it

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