Friday, January 4, 2013

Eat the tourists

So, I spent a lovely 4 days in Berlin, Germany. Picked up some handy german (nien nien spangleferkle nien)
It was really rad though, I went with my host dad, mom, 16 year old sister, and her friend. It was sooo fun! We stayed in my host dads friends apartment, since they were in switzerland. And man was it a swanky place. It was in a really cool like alternative section of the city, with all these cool little artsy shops. Like the silverlake of berlin. Real happenin. Also they had the most awesome collection of records....
But yeah, the city was sooo cool, I would really love to go back for a more substantial amount of time.
The first night there I went to see the Jewish museum, which had such cool architecture. And a lot of interesting information. I learned how to write my name in Hebrew.
Then I ate me some currywurst, which is like THE dish of the german people. It is basically a sausage with curry stuff on it that you eat standing around on a sidewalk with a mini plastic fork. My family was not into it, but it was strangely delicious for me. And I am not a sausage curry type of person....
Next we walked more, and saw pretty stuff. And I learned all about the Berlin Wall from a cool museum.

Ok, CRAZY sidenote: TRAVEL AGENTS EXIST IN GERMANY STILL. Seriously, I saw so many travel agents offices!!!! Like dont these poeople know the internet made their jobs obsolete? 

Anywase, there was also soooooooooooooooOOOOOO much really really cool graffitit. I have never seen a more graffitied city. It was beautiful man! Someone wrote "Eat the tourists " on the floor of a bridge, and I thought it was awesome and worthy of being a blog title. 

Also, I went to possible one of my favorite comtemporary art museums I have ever gone too. It was sooo well done, with all the various late 19th century and 20th century movements being in sparate rooms, but in an order that flowed. And they had discriptions in every room of what the movement was and the key figures. They also included what historical events were happening in that time, like wars, inventions, discoveries, etc. It was really really fantastic. I could have spent forever in that place!

Then my last day there we went to go see this BEAUTIFUL chateaux from er some king with loads of money. LOADS I have never seen a more opulent layout. Literally, there was like golden grapevines painted all over the walls and windows and paintings and lavish furniture and man, it was too much for me. The last room, a guest room, man it made me was bright yellow with a tropical theme. So all lavishly painted all over the room were like parots and pineapples. And a chandelier made of chrystal flowers, whihc was actually pretty. But entirely too much. But this room, literally, was the tiki room. Like from disneyland. Just a tad more european and royal.

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