Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hi Mom,

SO I am 99% sure that only one person is reading this, and that that one person is my mom.
Hi mom.

So, basically, I have school every day and stuff. Its not awesome, its not horrible. People here are all sooo nice to me though, I could definitly get used to this.....
Last weekend I went to Liege and saw  LOT of other AFS kids, it was pretty fun. Except when it started raining, because I basically drowned while standing on the sidewalk. Belgium weather...its not awesome......
Thats all I can think of
I promise I'll write more when I can think of more...


  1. HI SID! even though you didn't say hi to me.

    also i'd like to note that seeing as mom never said hi back, I think you pegged the wrong relative as the only person reading this. lol

  2. thats pretty awkward,
    it sofficially renames hi courtney