Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not Much

Not a lot is going on, just getting into the routine of normal person daily life.
Its actually a little disappointing, last summer I was all over the place (literally, figuratively,) and living fast and now I'm slowing down.  But man, I don't wanna slow down! I just want to run all over europe and all of the world with my hands over my head screaming because there's no one stopping me man.
At least the waffles are good.
Except that I have decided to stop eating sugar, because today I was just not feeling good, and I am 98% sure it is because I have been eating the normal belgian diet of literally some form of chocolate every day. Yuck man. Gimme some avocados and I'll be fine.

Tomorrow I am going to brussels with some friends, that should be cool.

I miss taco trucks.


  1. dude, I came to Japan and just literally started LIVING off of avocados. how weird is it that that's what you're wanting too. people are wrong! Hamburgers are not the American stereotypical food! AVOCADOS ARE (except they're Mexican or something....)