Friday, October 5, 2012

Lost Bread

So yesterday was a day full of new wild and crazy revelations. I was searching for a snack with some belgian friends when all of the sudden they start saying "pain perdu" over and over again. Which means lost bread. Being the kind, loving and helpful person that I am, I began looking for this lost bread. Well, apparently, pain perdu is not a loaf of bread that has been misplaced, but in fact french toast.
It is something thats like not so classy here, and mostly just a way to eat stale bread. Its yummy though. That may be in part to the fact that here it is eaten with not maple syrup, but honey and sugar. Yumyum.
Also, I saw some wild and crazy goats wandering free in the park yesterday. My friends say this is not normal here, but I am skeptical....
Today though, I am eurosick. Which is just like normal sick, but in Europe. Not fun AT ALL.

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