Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Boring + Boring = Boring

Basically, the local school here in Louvain-La-Neuve doesn't want me because they already have like 60000000000000000000000000 million other exchange students (or maybe it was just 8....) so I am applying to this other school thats about 10 minutes outside of town. It seems waywyaywyaywya cool though, it is an art school and I will take classes in dance, music, theatre, sculpture, and art history. AND the best part is there is only 2 hours of math PER WEEK! hahahahahahhahahahahahah I feel fate is at work here!
Whats boring however is that I am not in any school yet, and am REALLY missing people and having friends and having stuff to do. I've been hanging with my host family, which is nice, but I miss the whole school atmosphere and all the new people and fun possibilities and things.
But chances are that I will get into this school and my first day should be friday. They have never had an exchange student before, so I'll be sppppeeecciiiallll. I just have to do this audition that consists of reciting a story and a poem, doing a 2 minute dance that I choreograph, sing a song, do some talking about some work of visual art, and writing a letter on my dedication. It should all be pretty easy except the dancing bit, because I haven't actually danced in a while. But I'm not actually all that worried. Things will work out...
On another note, my whole family thinks finds my lack of sweaters/pants/warm things very very amusing. My host sister looked at my wardrobe and actually like burst out in laughter yesterday. So today I went shopping for warm clothes, and was all exciting because everything was all cheep and cool, but then I remembered euros aren't dollars and got sad again because I wouldn't really afford anything. Its a hard life I lead.
That is all. I must sleep (i.e. lay in bed for 4 hours thinking of hypothetical conversations I would have with hypothetical friends before drifting off to sleep to dream about hypothetical conversations I'm having with hypothetical friends....Maybe I'm lonely/schizophrenic.......)

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