Monday, September 17, 2012

Summer VAYCAY died

I almost made it to 4 months of summer vacation, but today the record got cut short. Yes yes, finally, it was my first day of school. It was actually really fun though, so I'm not dwelling on the summer days gone by. I made some friends and most of my teachers were nice. I actually understood most of the things that were said to me, but I'm not good enough to actually be able to reply with more than a laugh/weird face. Classes though, crazy confusing. I took some notes but literally have NO idea what they say. Maybe I should figure that out though? Tomorrow I have my first dance classes, its contemporary, which might be my favorite style of dancing. I'm really excited, but also a little nervous because I haven't actually danced in a few months...gahh! And since in PE we did a lot of stretching, and I really for some reason love stretching, so I'm pretty flexible but now I'm scared everyone will have like high expectations for my dancing skills! Also, the PE teacher may or may not have told everyone I am a greta dancer? Who knows what people are really saying though, because there is a good chance I only think I'm hearing a certain word but its actually something totally different.....
The point is that right now life's pretty good and I'm not missing America yet. Well, except for the 300 beautiful days on sunshine we get in Los Angeles. I love sunshine.....

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