Friday, September 21, 2012


Dude I actually love my life. Haha, like Belgium is pretty awesome countrywise and like fun is around every corner. I'm enjoying myself soooo much, I am sooooo happy to be here!! YAYA. Also, daily, my french is improving a lil bit. LIL LIL bit. But I mean in a month I'll probably be able to stumble my way through simple conversations. Which is AWESOME.
Today  I was on the train (which was mad delayed and took FOREVER) and I ran into some friends from AFS and we hung out today/night here in Louvain-La-Neuve. Small world/country (literally...)It was pretty nice getting to see them, I had funnnn
Also, its FRIDAY which is just always awesome. Toomarow, I SLEEP. Forever. And, I still really don't understand what my teachers say to me ever about anything so no homework for me. Life couldn't really get better?
ALSOO I had my little audition for school, it was okay, not the best, but I am sure that it was fine. Haha I literally made up the dance ON THE SPOT but the people were, surprisingly, impressed. Who woulda thought. (not me. lots of swaying was involed)
Times are good life is good blah blah blah goodnight

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