Monday, September 24, 2012

Soul Snacks

This post doesn't really have anything to do with the title, I just like the sound of "soul snacks"
haha, so basically last weekend I saw another exchange student, a girl from Austria, and it was really nice. We had some delicious waffles, and made tentative plans to go zip ling with her host brother in the future. Yayay funfun.
Then I saw this play sunday in like a circus tent with circusy things and circusy people and a saxophone. Good fun, all in all.
School today. Man, speaking french is NOT EASY. Like, before coming here I thought that learning french wouldn't be hard, cuz I mean I picked up English so easily, but that is NOT true. Most of my communicating is just a stream of vaguely connected words in no real grammatical order. It really is quite pathetic.
Also, I dont understand school or where I am going ever or when classes start or anything. I just fallow my class around cluelessly. And there isn't really a pattern to where we go or how long classes are or anything. I don't get it.
And, I really REALLY miss my locker. I never carried anything around ever at LACHSA, just put in all in my locker. That is not the case here. No lockers. NONE. So annoying. That mixed with the fact that I never know what classes I have which days so I have to lug everything for every class to school every day makes for an unhappy me.
Also, I miss talking. I really, really like talking. Constantly. It is my favorite pastime, life's PASSION. Basically, I was born to talk. And I cant really do that here, cause of the language barrier situation. I smile and nod so much I get dizzy, but I barely even talk. My vocal chords are probably shriveling up and dying as I type from disuse.
I am going to go and talk to myself for a few hours now.

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  1. hahahahha oh i know with the talking thing. I got back to the states and was like silent for a couple days just cause i'm not used to talking anymore. I think people were weirded out by my long silences and stuff.... and the fact that i didnt finish sentences anymore.... its not really necessary here. lol