Tuesday, September 25, 2012


jk its just me
but I am a maniac.
Basically, here in Belgium, there is plentiful chocolate (think whole aisle) and other sugary delicious treats. And compared to most people I know in belgium I barely eat sweets (hah!) but compared to ME I have been eating mad amounts of sugar. So much, that I feel like I need to brush my teeth 5 times a day, which OH YEAH I've started doing. But even with all the sweets people in Belgium look wayyyy healthier than people, in general, did in the US. And the literal only reason I can think of is that here the food isn't full of chemicals and perservatives. Surprisingly, I also haven't gained any weight since I got here, rather I've LOST weight, and I think it must be because of the same reason. Cuz its not like I've started exercising or anything crazy like that.
Also, my french is getting a lot better. It still sucks but today I hung out with my belgian friend for a few hours and spoke soooo much french (by my standards). Its so awesome how everyone here is so eager to help me out also! My vocabulary has grown a lot in the past few days! Also, this pretty song by Carla Bruni (the french singer) that is really pretty pretty pretty and FAST aslo my friends are teaching me in french. Yayaya! And slowly, slowly, I am learning it, and I understand the words!
Also, I bought a coat today in the mall that in 3 minutes away from my house via a beautiful tree lined car-free path. So maybe I won't die of hypothermia now, who knows? It was hard to find one though that wasn't over 100 Euros. Man this place mad pricey.

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