Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello my name is FEZ

So I have discovered a deep understanding and connection with Fez. Much like him, I have a weird accent, love candy, and am living in a foreign land. Unlike him, everyone is super super nice to me. Also, I don't frequently wear colorful tight pants. But who knows, in these crazy times, I might feel compelled buy a pair. Probably not though.
Anyway, actual things are going on in my life. I am going to school, which is good because I was going crazy without any friends, but man, waking up in the morning? There is pretty much nothing I hate more. Ugh. Its literally been 3 days and I am missing summer sleeping in. Tomorrow school starts at 10:30 though, so thats nice.
Everyone at school is sooo nice, even teachers. Pretty crazy, but cool. Everyone is also so helpful and understanding of my constant confusion. Man, I thought I never know what was going on in America, but this is like an all new level of being lost. I know it will get better though, so I am not to worried.
Friday I have to do my little audition for the school, which I am not worried about. I'm going to write my two letters tonight and then pretty much make up the dance on the spot (ehh what could go wrong?)
Thats all for now
<3 Fez2


  1. Have you seen the Fez meme?? It's sooo funny

    1. ohhh have i seen it?
      its the wallpaper to my computer!